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LC Markets was once established through the pioneers of our industry to be a company that breathes new life into the markets.

It offers more than 130 products on the side of currency pairs, CFDs, stocks, cryptocurrencies. LC Markets aims to increase the economic literacy of all buyers through currency trading trainings, e-books, educational films and online seminars. In the future, you will be able to professionally control your portfolio with LC Markets.


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Fast Money Transfer

LC Markets presents a vast style of reliable and rapid choices for withdrawals and deposits.

Free Analysis

We share daily evaluation gratis with all our traders who need to comply with the market with aid of our financial specialists.

Tailored Forex Account

In all the targeted account types we have created in accordance with the exotic funding systems in the market, we give you the most suitable practically.

Investment Professional Support

We stand with you with our experienced group in fiscal markets at the same time commencing earn a living in global markets.

Low Spread Low Price

We are confident that you will earn when you shop with the low spreads we gift to reduce your transaction cost.

Free Forex training

We coach and share with you everything we all know so as to flip every transfer in the marketplace to cash instantly.

130+ Trading Instruments

We aid you share your stake when investing with over one hundred and thirty trading instruments on our platform.

Powerful Technological Infrastructure

Thanks to our strong technological infrastructure, we permit you to perform your transactions at highest speed.

Corporation’s Focal Point

LC Markets has embraced trust, excellence in service and variety as founding functions, and works to carry these ideas into future. Our imaginative and prescient is to furnish the fine carrier to our buyers through maintaining the precept of believe which is the largest deficiency in the foreign exchange market.



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RISK WARNING: Forex and CFDs are complex margin traded products, and carry a high risk to your capital which can result in losing all your deposits. Invest only what you can afford to lose and ensure you fully understand all the risks involved. Please read our terms and conditions. By accepting our terms and conditions you agree to process your personal data. LC Markets cannot be held responsible for any direct and/or indirect losses, material and moral losses, deprived profits and losses that third parties may suffer as a result of the use of information on the training content or promotional pages.