Trading Terms

Open Position

It implies that the trader has any position in the currency trading market. For example, if the investor is shopping or selling in GBPUSD, this person has an open function.


Arbitrage is the approach of simultaneous shopping and selling of an asset from one-of-a-kind platforms, exchanges or locations to benefit from the rate change, customarily small in percentage phrases.

Bear Market

A bear market is a common decline within the inventory market over a interval of time. It entails a transition from excessive investor optimism to general investor worry and pessimism.

Ordinary Interest

It is the interest rate that a certain amount of money earns only on the principal during the investment period.

Expected Return

It is the return that the investor thinks he will get after a certain period of time.

Buying Rate

It is called the price at which the investor can buy the instrument to be invested.

Initial Margin

It is the amount required to enter the position.


It is the level at which you are convinced to sell a financial product, at the current price.


Refers to the range of the highest and lowest levels at which the price moves in a given period.


The purchase price of a product.

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